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Do The Void

Note: I no longer use the domain. I have migrated the contents of its About page to this post. Do the void. It could mean nothing, anything, or everything. It could be the missing part of yourself, the missing part of your life. The missing core that you need…

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Do It Scared

Note: I no longer use the domain. In November of last year, I received an offer to purchase that domain name. I didn’t have any plans for the domain and have progressed beyond the Do It Scared motto, so I accepted the offer. I still think the message is…

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Secondhand Life

I Didn’t Mean To Detach Myself I misunderstood. I thought that detachment meant to detach from my thoughts and feelings. That was wrong. Now, I believe it means to detach from the perceived outcomes of the thoughts and feelings, not the thoughts and feelings themselves. To feel the feeling and…

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