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The Printer From Heck

This email came from a large software company that I once worked at. At the beginning of 2000, we were losing about one person per day; i.e., in three months, 90 employees left. That’s quit, not layoff. Most joined dot-com startups. Suffice to say, getting a good-bye email almost every day did not do much for employee morale.

From: Operations
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2000 6:34 PM
To: Employees
Subject: Copiers/Printers

Dear Colleagues,

Recently we have been having problems with the Savin Color Copier/Printer (DCBK) located in the copy room of Bldg. B. The problems are a direct result of employee misuse & abuse; specifically, jamming the paper trays into the machine, slamming the door & repeated kicking of the machine. We are in danger of losing our service contract with Savin due to the excessive service calls brought on by this physical violence. Please do not, jam the paper trays into the machine, do not slam the door to the copier/printer, & above all do not KICK the copier/printer.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Unfortunately for everyone, the dot-com bubble blew up soon after. If you haven’t seen the movie “Office Space”, you should.

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