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Do The Void

Note: I no longer use the domain. I have migrated the contents of its About page to this post.

Do the void. It could mean nothing, anything, or everything. It could be the missing part of yourself, the missing part of your life. The missing core that you need to do to feel complete. When you go deep into yourself, that’s where you might sense it.

It could mean that which exists past your mind, your thoughts, and your emotions. When you go beyond yourself, that’s where you might find it.

Don’t believe stories told to you by others. Don’t believe the stories you tell yourself. The void cannot be revealed by words.

What keeps you from doing the void? Well, the void is scary. It is the unknown. It could be full of danger. It might be more risk than you can handle.

You don’t know what’s inside the void. So naturally, you have fear and fear holds you back. But you have to do it, even though you are scared. You will never rest if you don’t. The emptiness will haunt you forever.

You have to accept that nothing is certain and nothing is safe. You have to accept that you cannot accept the unknown. You have to let go of acceptance itself.

Release your self and drop down the rabbit hole. You might never touch bottom, but maybe the whole point is to fall. Do the void.

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