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The Teahouse from Heck

My friend sent me this and I thought, wow, I would love to visit this tea house. But to get there, I have to take a mountain trail in China; specifically, Hua Shan mountain near Xi’an, ShanXi Province.

Update: It turns out that this trail is the popular Mount Hua Pilgrimage. Supposedly, the Chinese government has made the pilgrimage much safer by adding wider and less dangerous paths.

First, we’ll need to take a tram to the start of the trail. 60teahouse1
Now take the plank path. 60teahouse2
Make sure you have a solid grip on the chain. 60teahouse3
Look ahead now and then. 60teahouse4
Careful when passing people coming back down. 60teahouse5
A few steps to help you now and then. 60teahouse6
Dig your foot into that hole. 60teahouse7
Almost there… just a couple of steps left. 60teahouse8
Finally, made it. Sit, relax, have some tea, and contemplate the trip back. 60teahouse9

I believe this post is the original. There is also a video of the plank path.

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