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Category: Self-mastery

Do It Scared

Note: I no longer use the domain. In November of last year, I received an offer to purchase that domain name. I didn’t have any plans for the domain and have progressed beyond the Do It Scared motto, so I accepted the offer. I still think the message is…

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Secondhand Life

I Didn’t Mean To Detach Myself I misunderstood. I thought that detachment meant to detach from my thoughts and feelings. That was wrong. Now, I believe it means to detach from the perceived outcomes of the thoughts and feelings, not the thoughts and feelings themselves. To feel the feeling and…

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Break the Negative Thinking-Feeling Feedback Loop

A friend asked for my advice recently. He was experiencing emotional turmoil or as he described it, an overwhelming shit-storm of horrible feelings all mashed up together. He didn’t know what to do; he was thinking in circles. He needed another person’s perspective. As he listed all the troubles that…

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